"Supportive, Intelligent and Very Grounded"

"Thomas is a gifted clinician; he's warm, supportive, intelligent, insightful, and very grounded.  In addition to having been colleagues, I've also had the pleasure of studying Somatic Experiencing with Tom.  I've been consistently impressed with the depth of his introspection, his drive to broaden his skill set to better serve his clients, and just how calm and grounded he is, which I can only assume is the product of his years of meditative practice.  I refer clients to him regularly, be it for the treatment of past trauma, for those in the LGBT community, for financial therapy, or for those wanting to find a greater sense of peace from anxiety or depression.  I know that many could be helped greatly in working with him.      "

-Greg Kaplan, MFT

"Worth Checking Out"

"I have known Thomas for several years. He trains endlessly making every effort to provide his clients with the best possible care. He is present, aware, and deeply committed to the welfare and healing of his clients. Because of his training, he has several modalities to assist his clients on their journey to wellness. I strongly recommend checking out Thomas if you are looking for a therapist that combines the best of therapeutic approaches with the presence of a man who has mediated for many years and cultivated his own peacefulness."

-Merle Yost, LMFT

"Caring and Skilled Therapist"

"Thomas Faupl is a caring and skilled therapist with approaches in psychotherapy including EMDR, guided imagery, and several other interventions for a broad population that represent the diversity of San Francisco. As a seasoned psychologist, I have provided psychological consultations with Mr. Faupl over the past 12 years and can attest to knowledge, skills and ethics in practice."

-David Lee, Ph.D

"A Unique and Skilled Trauma Therapist"

"Thomas, a colleague of mine, is a unique and skilled trauma therapist that I highly recommend. Not only is he well trained in EMDR and other healing modalities, he also brings warmth, care and great insight that comes from over 20 years of meditation practice. I often send clients to Thomas knowing that they will be well taken care of."

-Freda Salamy, LMFT

"Compassionate, Insightful and Encouraging"

"Thomas listens to the myriad aspects of his clients' communications...their words, their emotions and their body expression. When I send clients to him, I know they will be held with curiosity, respect and a firm belief in the possibility of change and healing. His presence brings a sense of the sacred - one of comfort and hope."

-Patricia Craven, MFT

"I recommend Thomas"

"I have known Thomas personally and professionally for 30 years. His professional education in psychology, combined with his own inner work and long-standing meditation practice, enable him to have become a master clinician. Further, his areas of special concentration include treating trauma, both childhood onset and that which is re-enacted through circumstances in adulthood. I know Thomas to be sensitive and capable of guiding emotional healing. I recommend Thomas because he is skilled at listening, can tune into underlying feelings and knows how to problem solve. He is also kind and caring in a relaxed way."

-Dennis Reno, Ph.D