Couples Financial Therapy

Are your financial disagreements escalating or causing you and you partner to shut down? Struggling with dynamics around a one-wager earner household? At odds with your partner about your household financial goals? Not sure what you are earning and spending?

If these issues sound familiar to you then some financial therapy may be what you need to resolve these issues and move forward with your joint financial life. As a financial therapist and coach I will help you both work through your money issues and develop more productive communication skills when navigating through money conflicts.

Initially we’ll discuss the financial issues, family history with finances, and communication difficulties you are struggling with. Then we'll identify what your goals are and discuss a plan how you as a couple can move through your challenges and achieve more harmony and clarity with each other around your household finances.

What is Financial Therapy?

Financial Therapy is a targeted form of psychotherapy that focuses on emotional dynamics, behaviors and core beliefs around your relationship to money. In this process your interpersonal dynamics and communication issues with spouses, partners, family members, bosses and business colleagues will be explored.

The goal of this therapy is to help you have a more healthy, realistic and empowered relationship to money so that you will have more harmonious interactions with those who are closest to you, both around finances and other aspects of your relationships.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I do financial therapy, not financial advising nor coaching.

How Does Financial Therapy Differ from Financial Advising?

A financial psychotherapist is a clinician with a state license, or a prelicensed intern or psychological assistant under clinical supervision. Financial psychotherapy is insight oriented and addresses the process of one's relationship to money on a deep level.

Certified financial planners (CFPs) advise on general principles of finance and financial planning, including such issues as retirement, estate and income tax planning.

Consumer credit counselors offer financial education and counseling to consumers around debt and money management, budgeting, bankruptcy, foreclosure and credit.

A money coach may have coaching certification or more specialized financial coaching training. Coaching differs from financial therapy in that it is action, strength and solution oriented. Its focus is on the present and future.