LGBTQ Therapy


Feeling lonely and experience that you don’t fit into mainstream society or even the gay culture? Painful memories interfering with your life today? Rejected by those closest to you for being queer? Feeling anxious or down and not knowing why? Hurting from a painful betrayal or breakup?

Although this is a time of significant advancement for the LGBTQ community with marriage equality and transgender rights becoming the nation’s next civil rights frontier, the impact of growing up different in the world is for many a significant, and at times, a painful right of passage to successfully journey through.

Because of lingering societal oppression, religious shaming, family rejection and painful harassment for being different, there is often bigger and smaller traumatic memories that go unprocessed for those in the queer community. If one is a person of color, transgender or both, often oppression is more pervasive.

The impact of these unresolved experiences can often result in:
- Shame
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Loneliness and isolation
- Substance abuse issues
- Sexual compulsivity
- Relationship instability
- Financial difficulty
- Conflict between one’s spirituality and who one is

For others this impact can cause overcompensation with one’s career, body image and social or financial success.

Sometimes it is helpful to have another perspective in life by someone who is experienced working with the unique challenges and opportunities for members of the LGBTQ community.

I offer a warm and collaborative approach to help you successfully address these issues so you can thrive and move toward your full potential in the world. Our work together can help you free self-defeating beliefs, cultivate emotional balance and enhance your ability to have intimate and loving relationships.

I incorporate EMDR and Somatic Experiencing (SE), highly-effective mind/body approaches that can help you experience deep healing from unresolved stress, anxiety and trauma, enhance your self-esteem, and enable you to become more vibrant, confident and resilient in the world.

I also offer financial therapy for gay individuals and couples struggling with money stress in their lives. I can help you address your money issues so you can find peace of mind when it comes to your finances. See my financial therapy pages for individuals and couples under my specialties tab.

If you are ready to move toward greater happiness and capacity to thrive in the world, please contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation. My office is conveniently located in the Castro District, steps from the Church Street MUNI underground station.