Financial Therapy


Do you spend to feel better? Are you keeping financial secrets from loved ones? Confused about what you earn and spend? Trauma from the past creating financial deprivation or chaos in the present? Do you have poor financial boundaries around family and friends? Are you fighting with your spouse or partner around money?

I can help you successfully work through these issues and develop a more healthy relationship to money, whether you have a lot of it or not enough.

I'm a skilled San Francisco based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Consumer Credit Counselor. I worked in the consumer financial counseling industry for over 14 years counseling literally thousands of people across the country around their personal finances. I bring my household finance expertise into my counseling work with individuals wanting to have a deeper understanding of money in their lives, and couples wanting better communication, skillfulness and more harmony around joint finances.

Our beliefs, behaviors and fantasies around money are in part rooted in economic societal conditioning we encounter throughout our lifespan and what we experience around family finances as children. Some of us were either left to figure money out on our own or we witnessed our parents enact their own distressing scenarios around money. As adults we often find these core money issues playing out in our relationship with our spouse or intimate partner. Even in therapy, many individuals and couples shy away from talking about money out of unresolved shame, self-judgment and lack of financial literacy. A little financial therapy or coaching can go a long way in helping you become more financially effective in life.

Below is an article in the New York Times I was interviewed for regarding managing money issues in relationships.

New York Times: Relationship Maintenance When Money is Tight